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  • Are you looking for new sources of funding?
  • Are you seeking new members?
  • Do you want new export and trade opportunities for your members?
  • Do you want to grow your association?
  • Would you like your conferences and events to be more profitable?
  • Are you looking for new global training opportunities for your members?

If you answer yes, the Industry Growth Group (IGG) operates an Association Incubation service that can assist you in these areas.

The world's premier Association Incubator, the Industry Growth Group has four association incubation centres around the world.

The Industry Growth Group (IGG) has specialised centres as part of its network to assist associations, and provide association incubation services. The International Centre for Industry Development (GRAIN-ICID) works with associations throughout out the world to assist them in achieving growth across all areas of their operations. ICID acts as an association incubator helping new and existing associations to grow and establish themselves within new regions as well as grow membership, attract sponsorship and develop their conferences into successful profit making events.

GRAIN- ICID is predominantly about securing funding, sponsorships and grants to enable your Association to deliver services to your members.

IGG specialises in supporting associations in securing sponsors and new sources of funding, as well as boosting membership and entering new markets. We frequently partner with new branches of international associations and assist them with development of funding and membership.

IGG works with many associations and societies each year, some of which have recently included:

  • Commonwealth Dental Association
  • World Council on Optometry
  • Clifford Beers Foundation Centre for Mental Health Promotion
  • Commonwealth Broadcasting Association
  • International Council for Associations of Science Education
  • Academy of International Business
  • Calgary Association of Girl Guides
  • Multinational Association of Independent Law Firms (MultiLaw)
  • Malaysian Diabetes Association
  • International Journal on Chemistry and Environment India
  • Calgary Geotechnical Society
  • George Washington University School of International Business
  • International Solar Energy Society
  • Malaysian Cold Formed Metals Association
  • Alberta Brain Injury Association

And many more...

In addition to our work with Associations, IGG invests 25% of company profits into supporting not for profit organisations and charity activities. In 2010, IGG invested over $530,000 in association activities. Some of IGG’s activities since 2008 have included;

Childs Right to Play – collection and distribution of toys and play equipment in Indonesia.

Education Fund – Funding disadvantaged children with payment of school fees and school material.

World Vision – Providing financial assistance to activities being undertaken in India and Africa.

The Global Research and Intelligence Network works in partnership with International Associations to support them with their growth and development. For more information contact us on

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